What to wear

Keep clothing simple and avoid clothing with written logos or bright patterns. Bring a couple of outfits for yourself or your children if you would like different clothes in a few different photos. If you have more than one child, outfits can be similar, such as all neutral, soft colours. It’s not necessary to have them matching. Favourites are layered outfits, bare feet, and babies in the nude.

For maternity sessions wear loose clothing to the session to avoid marks on your skin. Some women prefer nude shots while others will be more comfortable with close fitting plain coloured clothes such as a singlet top and jeans or leggings to show off your beautiful curves, yet not reveal too much skin. A plain sarong wrapped around you or a snug slip dress also works well. It’s up to you and important that you’re comfortable, so bring along a couple of outfits and we’ll try a range of different combinations.

For newborns, bring nappy pants if you have them, to cover the nappy, but also to avoid too many unwanted wet patches while we prepare for a shot! We have many varied props and backgrounds to choose from, but if you would like a favourite toy in the photo, please feel free to bring them along!

Babies & children
For older babies and children a couple of outfit changes, as well as a favourite toy if you would like this in a couple of shots.

Make sure to bring snacks, a drink, outfit change and wet wipes.