When to come

Maternity Photography
Maternity sessions are wonderful to capture your beautiful pregnancy curves and are best arranged for when you are between 35 and 37 weeks.

Newborn Photography
Up to about 2 weeks old babies have their beautiful newborn look and a photo shoot at this time is the best way to capture these first few weeks forever. Your bub will still be very ‘bendy’ and we can get some cute photos of them asleep and curled up, as well as some magical wakeful shots.

Newborn sessions last between 1 - 2 hours which allows for nursing and breaks. This ensures a relaxed mood for mum, dad and baby. The best time of day to book your newborn session is about an hour before they are due for a feed. We can take some awake shots when you arrive, you can then feed, and afterwards we (hopefully) get bub to sleep and take some more photos in the cute sleeping poses.

To ensure your newborn session, we recommend that you organise a tentative day for your session while you are still pregnant as new babies are perfect portrait subjects at around 5-12 days old.

3-8 months
From about three months babies are usually awake for the whole session and the images will capture the wonderful interaction between you and your baby. This is also a great time for siblings to be involved in the session. 7 to 8 months is the perfect time for your session as your bub will be sitting up but not crawling away yet. Your baby will be alert and full of smiles and we can try a variety of outfits and props.

8+ months
This can be a difficult time to get babies to sit still as they become more active and keen to explore. It’s the perfect time to get some candid photos of them playing with a favourite toy or out and about exploring their surroundings.

Family Portraits
Family photos are perfect at any time and regular sessions capture the growth and development of your children. Family sessions are kept casual and fun to ensure candid shots of all your family members. You will get a great result in our studio. If you prefer we can try a location shoot such as at the beach or a local park will bring a nice relaxed atmosphere to the photos.